Books @ Miriam

December 5—March 12, 2020

Opening Reception
Thursday, December 5, 6–9 PM

Our inaugural show, Books @ Miriam, interrogates the book as a creative medium across a variety of perspectives and practices. Featuring over 50 diverse artist publishers’ works, the exhibition highlights unconventional approaches to content, material, and construction. 

In an era where the tangible has become increasingly digitized, we celebrate the tactility of books and their inherently intimate nature; they invite “hands-on” engagement. Centered around pieces meant to be touched and held, the exhibition aims to amplify our tactile sensibilities while drawing our attention to the works’ material realities.

Our collection is complemented by Nicolas Holiber’s particularly haptic portraiture. Sarah Schlesinger’s textural “bushes” are interspersed throughout the space and elude tactual expectations. Both artists are Brooklyn-based. 

Through this presentation of publications, a print residency, and thematically-related public programming, we reimagine our bookstore as an exhibition space of sorts, inviting all to contemplate, collaborate, and play.