­ŁĽŻesidency @ ­Łôťiriam / Book making + Book launch

March 1, 2020

12 – 4:30 pm, Book making

5 – 8 pm, Book launch + Residency open studios

Join us for a day-long book-binding and collating workshop, open studios with our artists-in-residence, and Miriam’s inaugural publication launch!

Books @ Miriam Residency is an open-ended artist residency that supports four contemporary artists in realizing a collaborative publication project on site. Over the course of a month, artists will be invited to activate Miriam’s back gallery space with their studio practices, public programs, exhibition experiments, or other forms of creative play.

By transforming our gallery space into an active making space, we work to break down the formalities often affiliated with exhibition practices in favor of having conversations about process, and creating more localized experiences between artists and the public. This value system is inherently connected to artist book practices in the democratic quality of sharing ideas through modes that are meant to be distributed and lived with.

Participating artists: Jennifer Schmidt, Yusuf Hassan, Milah Libin, Sarah Croft